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So pleased to let "Verchin Toure" (the final door) travel the world, hopefully the universe... so our dearly missed Zarhoui ‚Zaroug’ Berberian, the writer of the lyrics can listen to it....LOUD!. Heartfelt thanks Serj Tankian for your intense and passionate voice and Dragan Mileusnic for this beautiful video. Abrik! See video above!

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Die Gründe warum wir eine Beziehung eingehen, sind meistens auch die Gründe weshalb wir uns trennen.

Taucht ein in ‘Lichtjahre‘.

See video above.


New video for „Gouzem“ from the upcoming album „Lezoon“. Out May 21.

See video above


Today is one day before the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day.
As I reflect on the past year, I remember the extreme emotions we Armenians felt: fear and sadness, hope and disappointment, pride and anger...
The album “Lezoon” was born while trying to express myself through my music as a way of dealing with this emotional post war chaos.
As Armenians living in the diaspora, it is our collective obligation to keep our identity, history, and culture alive.
For me, “lezoon” (our language) is a big part of that and we owe it to our fallen Armenians whether that was 106 years ago or in the recent past.
The lyrics to the song “Lezoon” are from a poem by the great Armenian poet Vahan Tekeyan.

In remembrance of the armenian genocide.


The new Emirsian single and video ‘End Of Time’ featuring Aydo Abay is out now. Check the video above!


Gnaz! Cheers! Prost! Release!

Finally the upcoming Emirsian album has a release date: Friday, May 21, 2021. The new album is entitled LEZOON (arm: language).
The first single will see the light Friday next week, March 25, and is called ‘End Of Time’ featuring my longtime partner in crime, Aydo Abay.

Stay tuned , stay safe and more very soon!


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