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Welcome to the Emirsian shop. Here you can find everything Emirsian has to offer at the moment. We look forward to your orders and hope that you will be satisfied with the items. And to keep it simple: If you don't get along with the order sheet at the bottom of this page you can also just write a simple E-Mail with your desires to Emirsian. Here we go...

Papak (CD)  
1. Zhubdoon Achker
2. Papak
3. Arhamarank
4. Chooren Tartsin
5. Kyughis Jampan
6. Hyughu
7. Meghavoru
8. Bornigu
9. Vayri Dzaghig
10. Janiman
October 21, 2016 For Soundsamples please visit amazon or iTunes.
Accidentally In Between (2CD)  
Accidentally In Between
'Accidentally' [Disc 1] 'In Between' [Disc 2]
1. Here You Are 1. Yar, Ko Parag Boyin Mernem
2. Black And White Town 2. Mardigi Yerk
3. First Birthday 3. Hinkalla
4. Hit 'em 4. Seta
5. Friends 5. Zinwori Mor Yerk
6. Straight To The Sun 6. Kun Yeghir, Balas
7. Bring It Down 7. Sareri Howin Mernem
8. Lost Song 8. Sari Sirun Yar
9. Care 9. Yeraz
10. Hopeful 10. Yel, Yel
  11. Aghtschig Sirunag
June 24, 2011 For Soundsamples please visit amazon or iTunes.
1. Komitas
2. Failure Tales
3. Behind The Sun
4. Surprise,Surprise!
5. Catalogue Of Dears
6. Radio On
7. All On Your Own
8. Drop Your Survival Kit
9. Feed The Fire
10. Hurt
11. Ach Baber
12. Still You
September 12, 2008 For Soundsamples please visit amazon or iTunes.
A Gentle Kind Of Disaster  
A Gentle Kind Of Disaster
1. Overcome
2. On The Run
3. Dialogue
4. So Near
5. Pure Aftertaste
6. Alone
7. Satisfied
8. Feel
9. Wide Awake
10. Nameless
11. Cut The Line
12. Achtschig Sirunag
August 18, 2006 For Soundsamples please visit amazon or iTunes.
CD 'Accidentally In Between'
17 €
CD 'Yelq'
12 €
CD 'A Gentle Kind Of Disaster'
12 €
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